The Eagle Eye Platform

"Eagle Eye" Panorama (or "Orlovo oko" in Bulgarian) is one of the most interesting places to visit near the village Iagodina in Bulgaria. It is a unique observation platform rising to over 1500 meters altitude. The view from up there is breathtaking, you can see all the beauty of the Eastern Rhodopes. The panorama is located on Mount St. Iliya (Sveti Iliya) - one of the highest peaks in this region. 

The platform is called "Eagle Eye", because the view can take you tens of kilometers in all directions. You can see the mountains Rila and Pirin, a part of Buinovo and even the mountains in Greece. 

Reaching the top of The Eagle Eye is a real adventura. You cannot go there by car, but you can rent a jeep so you can reach the top. The journey continues nearly an hour and you overcome more than 670 meters 

The climb to the panoramic platform Eagle Eye is an adventure. There can not be reached by car, so the entrance of Yagodinska can rent jeeps with which to get to the top. The road continues for nearly an hour at that time to overcome more than 670 m of displacement. There is also a walking trail to the Eagle's Eye, which starts from Yagodina village. 


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