Смолянски езера

Smolyan lakes are located on the left slope of the valley of Cherna reka (Black River) from Orpheus rocks and Mount Snejanka in Smolyan. In the past there were more than 20 lakes, but now there are only 8 left - 7 of them are natural and Keryanov pond was converted into a dam. The remaining lakes today are swamps.

In the spring and in autumn small ponds reappear at the site of some swamps. Others are converted into fishponds. The largest lake is Bistroto ezero (The Clear lake), and the deepest one is Mutnoto ezero (The Turbid lake), which is also the highest one - at 1,500 meters high. Some of the other big lakes are Lagera, Platenoto ezero (Keryanov pond), Trevistoto lake, Osmanov pond, Silaja and Milushevskoto lake (Milusheviya pond). There is a route to the lakes, whish passes through the woods down a steep path. The feeling of fresh air, peace and beauty around the lakes is onbe of a kind.

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